About Deadnaut: Signal Lost

Something is tearing the galaxy apart. At the very limit of human exploration — the Horizon — ships and colonies are being destroyed by the malevolent, ever expanding force known as Rip Space.

But you don't care about any of that. All you see is a source of valuable Knowledge.

You are the Handler. Your console allows you to control a single Deadnaut — a treasure hunter — to help you explore floating wrecks and settlements. Take your Deadnaut through a series of missions and ultimately discover the source of Rip Space — then sell the Knowledge to the highest bidder.

Features & highlights

  • Fast roguelike gameplay Equip your Deadnaut with a wide array of weapons and gear and lead them through a series of procedurally generated missions, fighting where you can — and running when you must.
  • Trust issues Your Deadnaut may not like the idea of being torn apart by unknown horrors. If you do a good job, they'll happily accompany you. If not, pay them off or turn them into a mindless space golem. But remember: everything has a price.
  • Five distinct suits and playstyles There are many ways to play, from weapons and sensors, to shields and hacking. Will you take the heavy duty Labour suit and slice your way through the ship, or will you slip through the shadows in the ghostly Sensor suit? Maybe you prefer you manipulating gravity, placing drones or sniping from long-range? Play the way you want.
  • Hostile enemies, dangerous environments Encounter dozens of enemy types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Avoid — or exploit — the security system in each level, from the Watchers that roam ships to the malfunctioning security Towers and Sentinels that guard settlements.
  • Tactics, upgrades and customisation Tailor your armour and damage potential, develop your Deadnaut, and discover powerful combinations and synergies among over 180 upgrades.